• XAV wants to empower you and your organization in deploying Zoom Rooms. Avoid having to piece meal your solution together. Once you receive the kit, simply install and turn it on. The programming and pairing is done.


    Choose from the Zoom Room kit (no TV) for those rooms with TVs already installed. Or, chose to add a 43” or 55” display and have everything needed to build a new room.


    However, XAV recommends that your organization purchase the Dual Host Option. This will super charge your Zoom Room and maximize your investment. A guest computer can plug in and use all of the peripherals with their application (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, etc.)


    XAV believes in flexibility. In all our kits, substitutions are possible.


    SKU : XAV-ZRi3-Kit
    3 899,00C$Prix
    • Includes MacMini (i3), iPad Mini, JabraPanacast.

      Mounting Hardware for Mac Mini, plus cables. iPAD table mount with POE ethernet adapter and ethernet cable, Jabra Panacast wall mount, pre-staging and programming of all equipment. Remote Support.