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LG Transparent OLED Display

Offering broadcasters a sneak peek at the latest advancement of the LG OLED technology for the first time, the company previewed the awe-inspiring LG Transparent OLED display. Broadcast executives, news directors and chief engineers marveled at its super-thin profile and advanced transparent panel that is ideal for TV news and talk show sets. The LG Transparent OLED delivers stunning images while allowing viewers or a camera to see people and objects behind it. In addition, the NHK 8K Theater featured a proto-type 88-inch LG OLED 8K display with 16 times the resolution of HDTV, provided by LG Display, sister company of LG Electronics.

Unrivaled Picture Quality

LG’s OLED technology, featuring self-lighting pixels, maintains accurate and vivid colors even when the display becomes transparent. It brings content to life, making it difficult for people to separate content from the real objects placed behind the screen.

High Transparency

Thanks to its high transparency (38%), much higher than conventional LCD transparent displays, LG Transparent OLED signage blends into its surroundings seamlessly and naturally. The display’s see-through view turns places where it is installed into open and interactive spaces.

Customizable and Expandable Design

LG Transparent OLED signage is designed as a semi-assembled display, meaning you can install it in various ways to fit into existing structures and spaces. There is no limit to the applications of Transparent OLED signage, and it can complement any venue in which it is installed.

Effective Information Delivery

While clearly showing objects behind the screen, LG Transparent OLED signage overlays information right over them so that viewers can easily see both the object and the relevant information without having to change their view.

Robust Design for Safety

The tempered front glass protects the screen from external impact, and its verified safety design means it is reliable enough to endure shock and vibration caused by the surrounding environment, such as moving trains.

Written by LG


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